Stolen Hellcat Leads Police On 175-MPH Chase

Jan 27, 2021 1 min read
Stolen Hellcat Leads Police On 175-MPH Chase

Maybe they should’ve backed off a bit and seen if it hit 180 first?

It’s a fact modern Mopar muscle cars are incredibly alluring to criminals, so when we heard another Dodge Charger Hellcat was stolen from a dealership, we weren’t the least bit surprised. However, this case was a bit unusual since the suspect, 21-year-old Deztaney Spencer, was clocked going 175 mph as she was pursued by law enforcement in Ottawa County, Michigan on January 11.

Originally, police were pursuing both the Dodge Charger Hellcat and a Dodge Challenger after receiving a call about the break-in and theft at a local dealership. The Challenger driver crashed early in the pursuit, but Spencer was able to wrangle the Hellcat better than most thieves, pushing the 717-horsepower sedan to 175 mph. According to Dodge, the car can hit 203 mph, but that of course should be done only on a closed course, not public roads.

The old saying is that you can outrun the cops, but you can’t outrun the radio. However, it seems 175 mph is fast enough to dust officers. Even though Spencer did get away, police eventually found it and gathered tips from the public, locating where she was hiding out. She’s now facing charges for grand theft of a motor vehicle and failure to comply with an order or signal of police.

This wasn’t Spencer’s first run-in with the law. She has stolen vehicles in the past, including a police cruiser. At one point she crashed a stolen car and seriously injured her passenger, using that distraction to get away while police tried to provide first aid. The fact she’s now off the streets has police breathing a little easier, because the fear had been that she would end up killing an innocent bystander eventually, and it’s a miracle she didn’t.

Source: Port Clinton News Herald

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