Just when maybe you thought Mopars were safe somewhere…

We see news stories all the time out of the United States where a modern Dodge muscle car has been stolen and maybe even used to commit a crime or as the getaway car. They’re so very attractive to criminals because they’re plentiful here and powerful, almost like they’re irresistible. Also, these criminals often find they’re hard to control in the hands of an amateur, which is why so many are crashed. This trend of stealing and crashing Mopars has now crossed northward to the city of London, Ontario of all places.

Per a local news report, a London police officer in London saw damage on the outside of a car dealership at 1:50 in the morning and decided to investigate. That’s understandable, because in 2020 we’ve seen quite a few heists and senseless vandalism done at dealerships.

That police officer reportedly saw a man removing a license plate from a car in the parking lot. The guy took off in a 2019 Dodge Challenger, which it was discovered later had been, drum roll…. stolen from that dealership!

It sounds like the muscle car burned rubber and ditched the cop so he couldn’t give pursuit. However, as the rest of the police force was looking for the Mopar, they happened upon it at about 3:30 am in a parking lot. The guy fled again, almost hitting an officer with the Dodge.

Giving chase, it sounds like once again the muscle car outran the London officers, who notified police in Aylmer as well as St. Thomas and the Ontario Provincial Police. Not too long after, Aylmer police spotted the Dodge Challenger and deployed a “tire deflation device” to stop it, which worked.

The driver jumped out of the car and tried to run, maybe because he played Grand Theft Auto too much and believed the fantasy. To the surprise of nobody smart, a K-9 officer was brought in and tracked the guy down. Connor David Andrew Smith, age 28, is now facing a string of charges, including possession of stolen property over $5,000 and failure to comply with a release order.

Source: Blackburn News

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