Criminals Try To Steal Dodge Challenger R/T 50Th Anniversary

Jun 12, 2020 1 min read
Criminals Try To Steal Dodge Challenger R/T 50Th Anniversary

There’s real value in measuring twice before disaster strikes.

Lately we’ve seen far too much car carnage from dumb, entitled criminals. From dealerships getting ransacked, Hellcats being stolen, rare BMWs crashed into poles, and more we’re beyond our limit for this garbage. However, the stupidity seems to never end, like the latest example of some would-be thieves in O’Fallon, Illinois. Thankfully, simple geometry ensured these idiots didn’t escape with a brand new Dodge Challenger 50th Anniversary, although they did a lot of damage in their failed attempt.

According to a local news report, police say the suspects arrived at Auffenberg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in the early morning hours when nobody was around. They then smashed a large window to get into the showroom. No doubt marveling at the undeniable beauty of the Challenger R/T 50thAnniversary model, they were able to use the key to start the muscle car and try driving away, only to be foiled by a too-narrow door opening.

As you can see in the picture, the front end of the muscle car sustained some damage, though we hope it’s only cosmetic. Police say the Dodge was lodged in the doorway, so freeing it likely required the right tools and expertise, something these criminal minds obviously lacked.

Instead of trying to take other cars located on the dealer lot, the would-be thieves thankfully decided to go elsewhere. While it’s awful to see such a beautiful car senselessly damaged, the Dodge likely would’ve faced a worse fate had it been successfully stolen.

O’Fallon Police believe the people who attempted to steal the Dodge Challenger R/T 50th Anniversary also broke into several vehicles in the parking lot of a nearby Home Depot. Those cars belong to Home Depot employees who were working in the store overnight. Hopefully, everyone has insurance to cover the damage.

If you have information about either set of crimes, O’Fallon Police Department wants to hear from you.

Source: O’Fallon Weekly

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