Shelby GT350 And C6 Corvette Race

Dec 7, 2020 2 min read
Shelby GT350 And C6 Corvette Race

The winner might surprise you…

Ford vs Chevy is one of the oldest rivalries in the world, possibly predating many conflicts in the Middle East and Asia. We’re pretty sure the heated disagreements between the two enthusiast groups will continue up to the end of humanity, with possibly the last word uttered about which brand is supreme. That epic battle has been played out once more, this time with a modern Shelby GT350 taking on an aged C6 Corvette.

image credit: YouTube

Yeah, that doesn’t really seem like a fair fight, at least that’s what we thought before watching the video. After all, it’s obvious which car is going to spank the other one sideways based solely on which brand you feel an undying love toward and nothing more.

Of course we’re just playing around. The knee-jerk reaction is to say the Shelby GT350 with its flat plane-crank Voodoo V8 is going to smoke the C6 Corvette with its LS3 V8. After all, one is a cool-sounding and modern powerplant while the other is a knuckle-dragger pushrod engine that should’ve gone the way of the dinosaur decades ago, or so they say.

image credit: YouTube

Actually, we happen to rather like LS engines, but we’re also fans of the Voodoo. And while each one is cool in its own way, the fact of the matter is the Shelby GT350 isn’t really a drag strip car but instead is more of a road course car. That’s not to say you can’t drag race the GT350. After all, it has 526-horsepower on tap, trouncing the 436-hp of the C6’s LS3.

image credit: YouTube

But, as anyone who’s raced knows, it’s about more than just peak horsepower which decides the winner. Plus, there are a lot of different variables in this race, including the fact it isn’t done from a standstill. And we’re sure the losing brand’s enthusiasts will have many excuses prepared.

Anyway, check out the video and see which car wins. Also, to be absolutely clear, we’re not endorsing street racing at all. What these guys are doing isn’t exactly safe and we’re pretty sure isn’t legal, but for all we know they got a permit (probably not, though).

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