The Budget Maserati Quattroporte Saga Continues

Apr 17, 2020 2 min read
The Budget Maserati Quattroporte Saga Continues

Is a salvage title Italian luxury sedan really worth it?

Already we brought you the story of a man who purchased a Maserati Quattroporte with a salvage title at auction, a story many couldn’t believe was real. If you watched the original video, you saw how this guy started assessing the damage to the car in preparation to resell it for a profit. Again, this is not a joke, because YouTube user Samcrac (not his real name) claims to be a professional car flipper. Anyway, now we get to see more of the fallout from his purchase.

Yes, the previous owner of this Maserati had the finest in tastes, applying a Louis Vuitton wrap to the body that was chopped up in funky ways, an obvious sign of an amateur job. Samcrac has to take that off to see exactly what he’s dealing with as far as hail damage to different body panels.

Peeling off a body wrap isn’t difficult per se, but it is tedious, and you might have to deal with residue left behind. With it out of the way, this guy block sands the body panels so he can really see what he’s dealing with. He just swaps out the trunk lid and hood, but the roof and fenders are full of dings, so the only thing left to do is perform some surgery on the car. You can decide if Samcrac’s methods are sound or not by watching the video.

For those playing catchup or who can’t remember, Samcrac bought this Maserati for a mere $5,000 at auction. Since the auction happened on Christmas Eve this guy thinks that was partly why he got this Italian stallion for such a deal. Anyway, the driver’s door of this Maserati was crumpled and it had hail damage on the roof, hood, fenders, and trunk lid. He wasn’t even sure if it would start, but after charging the battery it actually drove just fine. In other words, he escaped a bullet with that cranky Italian powertrain.

Was this a wise financial move? Would you buy this car to flip it? Sound off below.

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