1969 Ford Mustang



A lot changed for the 1969 Mustang.

It now featured quad headlights up front, with the outer two being more recessed than the inner two that were merely mounted on the grille. It was also now larger and wider to look more muscular, and offered a new model, The Mach 1, to compete in the muscle car craze. Another new model was the Grande luxury line. A 428ci V8 was introduced as the most powerful option yet for any Mustang offering up 335hp.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Trans-Am road racing. Ford released another model known as the Boss 302. The Boss 429 was introduced for Nascar racing.

The Mustang Grande was basically a luxury package much like the GT option was a sports package, which was also available for the year. It featured wire-style wheel covers, racing style mirrors and a special interior with wood-grain trim and a center console storage space.

The Mach 1 was specifically built for those that desired performance. The base 351ci included hood air scoops, although simulated, and you could option in either 428ci V8s for even more aggressive performance.

The Boss 302 was a special model offered in limited quantities. Styling was done by Larry Shinoda, competition suspension was unique to the Boss 302 and the engine was done by Ford using the 5.0L 302 with the new Cleveland heads. The Boss was originally going to be named Trans Am until Ford realized GM already licensed the name. The Boss 302 rated 290hp, but was more like 350hp.

In response to Chrysler’s major success with the 426 HEMI, Ford answered with the Boss 429. It had a manually controlled hood scoop, shallower front spoiler than the 302, engine oil cooler, trunk-mounted battery, power steering, and power front disc brakes, 4-speed manual and 60 series Goodyear polyglas tires and magnum 500 wheels. Tachometer rose to 8000 RPM alluding to its race-bred characteristics.

Production Numbers

2-DR Hardtop 127,954
2-DR Fastback 61,980
2-DR Convertible 14,746
2-DR Grande 22,182
2-DR Mach 1 74,458
Total Production 301,320

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
I6 200ci 1x1bbl 115 n/a - -
I6 250ci 1x1bbl 155 235 lb-ft - -
Boss 302 302ci 1x4bbl 290 290 lb-ft 6.9 sec 14.9 sec @ 96.2 mph
V8 302ci 1x4bbl 220 304 lb-ft - -
V8 351ci 1x4bbl 290 n/a 8.0 sec 15.6 sec @ 89.1 mph
V8 351ci 1x2bbl 250 n/a - -
V8 290ci 1x4bbl 320 n/a - -
Cobra Jet S 428ci 1x4bbl 335 440 lb-ft 5.5 sec 13.9 @ 103.3 mph
Boss 429 429ci 1x4bbl 375 450 lb-ft 7.1 sec 14.1 sec @ 102.9 mph


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual Wide Ratio
  • 4-Speed Manual Close Ratio
  • Select-Shift



Raven Black
Royal Maroon
Black Jade
Acapulco Blue
Gulfstream Aqua
Lime Gold
Grabber Blue
Wimbledon White
Champagne Gold
Candy Apple Red
Grabber Orange
Meadowlark Yellow
Indian Fire Red
Grabber Green
New Lime
Calypso Coral
Pastel Gray
Silver Jade
Bright Yellow (Grabber)


Dark Red
Ivy Gold
Nugget Gold

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