Off-Road Volkswagen Beetle Rocks

Feb 2, 2024 2 min read
Off-Road Volkswagen Beetle Rocks

Unconventional but surprisingly cool…

Zach from Ultimate Rebuilds likes to think up some zany creations, like using a Volkswagen Beetle’s front fender to create a head-turning minibike. The guy must have a thing for Beetles, because he used one he apparently got for free to create an off-road build. That sounds absolutely ridiculous because it is and we expect nothing less from the YouTuber.

Check out a Chevy Corvair off-road build here.

As far as mechanicals, it appears the only thing Zach has done is lift this Beetle. That allows him to use some larger tires with nice aggressive lugs on them. Four-wheel drive would’ve been cool but quite the engineering feat, so it’s understandable why he didn’t go for that. However, this thing is about as trail-worthy as a Subaru, that is to say it’s not really made for anything other than a somewhat poorly-maintained fire road. Really, this build is all about grabbing attention, not rock crawling in Moab.

This Volkswagen Beetle has some somewhat serious trail equipment. There’s a surprisingly beefy bull bar mounted up front with 4 good sized pod lights attached to it. He also added a spare tire rack on the back, because tires can be irreparably damaged far away from civilization. What’s more, there are 4 lights mounted to the roof basket, so this build is meant to go on some real adventures. This equipment also means decent protection from obstacles and nice, even trail lighting in the early morning and late evening hours.

For good measure, this Beetle has been painted to look like the body panels are all rusting. Considering quite a few of those panels are made of composites, that wouldn’t fool anyone with serious knowledge, so quite a few non-car people might think this really is a rust bucket. Why people do this to perfectly good cars is somewhat of a mystery, plus it’s a controversial trend we’ve highlighted before.

The interior is actually pretty cool as well. Zach used a retro-style plaid headliner, although he said it wouldn’t work for the seat upholstery, which is really too bad. Plus, the headliner installation does look a little questionable.

Check out this build for yourself in the video.

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