Utah Off-Road Recovery Company Uses A Chevy Corvair

Jul 11, 2021 2 min read
Utah Off-Road Recovery Company Uses A Chevy Corvair

What a build!

If the idea of lifting a Chevrolet Corvair, installing four-wheel drive and big tires, along with other trail-ready modifications to go rescue Jeeps, trucks, and other more traditional off-road machines in the Utah desert sounds like a fun time, you’re going to envy Matt’s Off Road Recovery. The shop has become closely tied to its yellow Jeep XJ, which has been modified in a number of unique ways, has added to its impressive fleet of recovery vehicles with a Corvair wagon.

If you think this looks fun, check out how people off-road Ford Model Ts here.

As you’ll see in the video, the Chevy Corvair gets its first true test as it performs a rescue of a Toyota Tacoma stuck in the mud. Let this be a lesson to everyone that you should absolutely watch the softness of the ground when exploring the wilderness, or you might have an expensive recovery bill as a harsh reminder.

image credit: YouTube

To say this build is still a little rough would be an understatement. While it seems to run pretty well mechanically, other than the transmission whining after a cold start, little things like windows are missing. When you’re cruising through southern Utah and it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, that leads to a chilly ride.

image credit: YouTube

Matt’s Off Road Recovery was headed to the Jeep Safari in Moab when they got the call to make this rescue. In another video, which we’re including, they showed the build off to Jeep enthusiasts and take it wheeling outside the famous Utah city, starting with Metal Masher. It’s pretty fun, so check that out, too.

image credit: YouTube

If you’re into off-roading at all, you should be checking out YouTube channel Matt’s Off Road Recovery at least here and there. I’ve been a fan for a long time since it’s not some fake-o show where they’re mostly just posing for the cameras. You might learn a thing or two about staying safe on the trailer or how to help with a recovery when you come across someone else who’s stuck (or maybe even when you get stuck).

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