Off-Road Lincoln Limo Is A Lifted Beast

Nov 6, 2021 2 min read
Off-Road Lincoln Limo Is A Lifted Beast

What trail would you take this to?

For so many people, Jeeps are the ultimate off-road vehicles. After all, they’re accessible unlike Land Rovers, parts are plentiful, and the aftermarket parts selection is absolutely massive. But as the saying goes, real Jeeps are built not bought, something you could apply to any off-roader. And you can also say that about Lincoln Towncar limousines like the USS Compensator.

image credit: YouTube

Jordon Foster of Keno, Oregon obviously has a lot of extra time on his hands. He’s the creator of this monstrosity. When asked why he built it, his reply was “why not?” It’s a fair question. Actually, he elaborated on that, saying it was all about the challenge of building the biggest, most impractical vehicle possible. If that’s what he was aiming to do, we think he hit the bullseye.

The process of transforming an old Lincoln Towncar limo into a lifted off-roader required a lot of work. Foster says he spent about 3 months working close to 12 hours each day to build the Compensator. He paid $1,200 for the limo and used hand tools, a welder, impact wrench, torch, grinder, plasma cutter, and sheer grit to get the job done. When the dust settled, the entire cost of the project was about $8,000 to $10,000 which included the cost of the limo.

Foster used an air ride suspension for this rig and 53-inch military-grade tires he found on eBay. There are cameras mounted on the front and the rear so he can see if other cars are around, but even then the USS Compensator isn’t practical at all for driving on busy roads, let alone parking pretty much anywhere. But Foster says he likes the challenge, likening it to an off-road course in the city.

People are attracted to this off-road limousine. Foster has had some cash offers which he’s turned down, saying he’s not sure if getting rid of the vehicle is even in the cards at this point.

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