Criminals Vandalize And Smash Windows Of Ten Classic Cars In New Jersey

Nov 6, 2021 1 min read
Criminals Vandalize And Smash Windows Of Ten Classic Cars In New Jersey


Why people can’t leave other people’s cars alone is beyond me. I frequent the Atlanta area, so a broken car window is not a rare sight to see, and one of my cars got the Atlanta welcome before. It’s truly infuriating. One guy in New Jersey, William Kelly, felt that fury in 10 fold when vandals targeted his property recently, and busted up ten of his cars.

This isn't the first time this happens, and won't be the last, see a similar story here.

William Kellly kept the cars on a property at an intersection with an occupied house on the premises as well. The house on the property was rummaged through as well, alongside the windows being smashed out of ten of his cars. William describes the destruction as being “unbelievable” to his cars.

“Why someone would destroy them … it’s unbelievable. It should be in anyone’s heart to try and preserve old things. I have done that,” he said. “You won’t get these again. When they go away for scrap, you won’t get them again. They are so scarce.”

Willam is a mechanic and tinkers around with body work. He’s been restoring cars for three decades and has had a lifelong interest in them. Prior to the incident, he hadn’t been to the property in a while, so he’s not sure exactly when this happened, there’s a two week window, so it’s highly unlikely that investigators could or would do much to find the crooks. Willam noted that a lot of the glass is going to be hard to replace because their windshields aren’t made anymore.

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