Modified Car Crashes Into Creek, Kills 3

May 26, 2021 1 min read
Modified Car Crashes Into Creek, Kills 3

This is why taking it to the track is smart…

According to multiple reports, 3 men died in a crash after what’s described as a modified black sedan plunged into Newton Creek in Queens in the early morning hours of May 22. According to witnesses, the driver was speeding down Borden Avenue in Long Island City, blasting past a dead end sign. It went off a concrete skateboarding ramp, which launched the car into the air so it cleared a 15-foot fence and landed in the creek 20 feet away.

Street racers killed an 11-year-old girl recently. Learn more here.

From a witness description, it sounds like the driver realized he was headed for a dead end and tried to take evasive action. That witness described hearing the modified car as it “dropped gear” and the driver tried to make a right turn, resulting in the sedan going off the ramp sideways.

It took rescue divers and fire department marine units only minutes to arrive on the crash scene, which is commendable. However, they weren’t able to free the men from the submerged car for about 10 minutes. After trying to revive the men, paramedics rushed them to Cornell Medical Center but they passed away.

Two of the deceased were identified by authorities. One was aspiring rapper Quameek Mack, 25, of Freeport. He performed using the stage name “Q-Mafia.” The other victim whose identity was released was Luis Cuadros, 30, of Elmhurst.

The “souped-up sedan” was reportedly a 2016 Honda Civic. Whether or not you like modified Hondas is irrelevant here. The big takeaway here is driving fast and aggressively on city streets can end badly, even if there aren’t any other cars around. These 3 men unfortunately lost their lives as a result, so this is topic to be taken seriously. We’re advocates of taking your car to the track and getting your thrills there.

Sources: New York Post, CBS New York

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