This is an interesting idea…

Touted as a way to help revitalize the area, the Historic Highway 41 Garden project would transform unused land on 27h Street adjacent to a Wilson Park in Milwaukee into a classic car garden. Besides beautifying and improving the area, the garden would commemorate the history of the highway, which is almost 100 years-old at this point, and has hosted countless classic car shows.

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You might be wondering what exactly a classic car garden is. It’s a garden with flowers, trees, and other plants as well as park benches, picnic tables, and classic car bodies. Those vehicles will be given custom paint jobs by local artists, putting a unique twist on their presentation.

It’s been the South 27th Street Business District Association which got the ball rolling on the classic car garden idea. With a vested interest in improving the area, the business district will be spending $30,000 to make improvements to the land. Taxpayers should be happy to know the business district will also maintain the garden, not the city.

Located just north of the Wilson Park Senior Center, the idea is senior citizens could walk to the classic car garden and bask in the glory of nature and vehicles intermixed. It could also be a draw for families and any gearheads in the area. Just imagine the photo opportunities with the cars.

With approval for the classic car garden obtained in committee and the Milwaukee County Board giving the final indication to move ahead, the project is about to become reality.

We’ve seen people decorate their yards with classic cars in the past, and not all of them are just hoarders. It’s a far more unique lawn ornament than a group of gnomes or a giant pinwheel. However, not everyone agrees that classic cars should be used this way. But we’re willing to bet there are enough people who will want to visit this proposed classic car garden to make it a success.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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