Dodge Challenger Driver Causes Fatal Wreck

Mar 16, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Driver Causes Fatal Wreck

This is just sad all around…

A man driving a Dodge Challenger caused a head-on collision which left one person dead. Sadly, the person who died was the other driver, a completely innocent person. This went down on the morning of March 10 in Pagedale, Missouri. Now the police chief, Eddie Simmons, is saying the Mopar owner was “driving like a fool” and we can’t disagree.

Learn why there's so much hate out there for Dodge drivers these days, right here.

According to police, the man driving the Dodge Challenger was driving recklessly on a busy road at a high rate of speed. Another car moved into the lane the man was driving in and he had to swerve to miss it, then overcorrected and lost control. That’s when he hit another car head-on, killing that driver.

photo credit: KSDK

Photos of the carnage show a Dodge Challenger with the front end obliterated. A Ford Fusion with substantial driver-side damage was also present. We’re unsure if the woman who died was driving that car since police stated 3 vehicles were involved in the crash, but photo and video don’t show a third crashed vehicle, so that might have been the one the Challenger driver swerved around.

The driver of the Dodge Challenger did sustain injuries from the wreck, only he’s going to survive. Now he’s facing a messy legal situation, plus he has an innocent woman’s death on his conscience.

Simmons had some pretty harsh words for Hemi-powered Dodge muscle cars. He called them “clown cars” and remarked he’s seen some crashes with drivers of those powerful vehicles driving recklessly, remarking how horrible they were.

While far from the core issue in this report, we would be remiss if we didn’t address the fact this local news team seems to not know the difference between a modern Dodge Charger and Challenger. It couldn’t be simpler: the Challenger has 2 doors, the Charger has 4 doors. This car has 2 doors, therefore it’s a Challenger. The original report calls it a Charger twice and a Challenger once. We get it, they don’t care what the car is, but we do.

Some people want to start banning specific muscle cars from public roads. In particular, one man is crusading to ban the Dodge Charger from Atlanta. Certain groups like to blame the cars, not the drivers, then punish everyone for a few people’s poor decisions. All enthusiasts need to keep this in mind and stay aware. Also, don’t do stupid things on public roads because it fuels this nonsense. Please.

Source: KSDK

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