Restored 1907 Cadillac One-Cylinder Is Still Kicking After A Long Life And Emotional Backstory

May 26, 2021 2 min read
Restored 1907 Cadillac One-Cylinder Is Still Kicking After A Long Life And Emotional Backstory

This car has a few twists.

As car enthusiasts, we all have our dream cars. Some dream of a day when they’ll be able to sit behind the wheel of their very own track-capable Ferrari. While others opt for the emotional gratification that comes with an older model of car. In this case, the former owner of this luxurious Cadillac from over 100 years ago chose the latter of the two. While the car, now 114 years old, was certainly a challenge to restore, it now outshines even the best of its time in style and luxury. Of course, every classic car comes with an emotional background and this is no exception to that rule.

Sam Willard, the former owner of over 50 years, had always wanted to ride in style with his very own early model Cadillac. While today Cadillac has become the epitome of performance and design, the older models come with something more. Indeed, this one-cylinder Caddy doesn't have nearly the same level of performance that newer models have with just 10 horsepower driving the rear wheels. However, Willard has always been a huge fan of the Cadillac one-cylinder design. These unique sounding engines may only have about half of the horsepower that some of its competitors such as the Model-T had but Willard still loves the car with everything he has.

He came across the classic car while teaching an automotive class in 1966 where he had stated that he had always wanted a one-cylinder Cadillac. A student spoke up, saying that they had found him the Cadillac of his dreams, and when Willard went to look at the car he fell in love. Finally, he had gained the opportunity of a lifetime and he wasn't going to let it slip, so he bought the car. Years later his son, Richard Willard, restored the car to its former glory. Unfortunately, Sam had to sell his prized automobile due to his inability to drive which was caused by his age, 92 years old. However, the car now rests in the hands of a trusted family friend and Willard is still able to enjoy the car from time to time by riding along with his friend. This vehicle has stood the test of time with a life that started in 1907 surviving 114 years of driving and sitting, now it's still kicking strong in 2021.

Source: The Middletown Press

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