Michigan Man Buys 38th Corvette

Nov 13, 2021 2 min read
Michigan Man Buys 38th Corvette

How many more do you think he’ll get?

For some, Corvettes are king and there’s no other car they’d rather drive. That certainly is the disposition of Tom Clark, a man who lives in Sanford, Michigan. He just purchased his 38th Corvette, a red C8 convertible. It was a special treat, not only as the first mid-engine Corvette the man has purchased, but also one of the few brand new cars he’s ever owned.

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To keep things more economical, which is a consideration for enthusiasts who aren’t fabulously wealthy, Clark usually buys used Corvettes. That means someone else takes it on the nose with the depreciation. But as you know in this weird, weird world of ours, used car prices are way up. That and finding a used C8 is difficult as well as shockingly expensive. But Clark was seriously tempted by the exotic lines and driving dynamics of GM’s new Siren Song, so he gave in and bought one hot off the assembly line.

photo credit: Facebook

Like so many others, Clark had to wait over a year to get his C8 Corvette. A union strike, then the coronavirus shutdowns as well as an undisclosed parts shortage has slowed production in Bowling Green. That, combined with unbelievable demand has led to long waiting lists. The idea of not being patient and getting a new C8 was absolutely out of the question.

Just like for many of us, Clark’s conversion to his dream vehicle happened at a young age. When he was about 12 his cousin returned from serving in the military and started working for General Motors. The cousin showed up at the Clark residence behind the wheel of a new Chevy Corvette, a sports car which absolutely transfixed the young man. At that point Tom vowed he would buy one after he graduated from high school. He did, snagging a 1964 convertible for just $1,500 in 1968. He’s also owned the highly sought-after 1963 split window and a 1966 convertible, saying the latter was his absolute favorite Corvette.

Source: Midland Daily News

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