Not the General Lee!

John Schneider, star of The Dukes of Hazzard, has suffered a tremendous loss as Hurricane Ida severely damaged his personal General Lee. Trees fell on top of the iconic Dodge Charger as well as Schneider’s Louisiana home and studio, which are filled with Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia. At the time, the actor and his wife were in Tennessee helping flood victims, proving no good deed goes unpunished.

Check out a tractor pull General Lee tribute car here.

Schneider has taken the devasting news better than most would. On Facebook, the actor said, “When something like this happens you have two choices: Tears and laughter. I choose laughter.” He’s been cracking jokes about the damage, demonstrating that the man won’t sweat the stuff he can’t possibly control. It’s a healthy example many could use in these stressful, interesting times.

Instead of concentrating on his own grief, Schneider has decided to help others who need it most. After surveying the damage at his house, he said he was leaving to look at his mom’s house, then he was going back to Tennessee to help out with flood relief efforts. We’re sure the people he’s helping are appreciative of his selfless giving.

Still, it’s sad to see yet another General Lee crushed. After all, during filming of The Dukes of Hazzard, enough Dodge Chargers were trashed to fill a junk yard. Some have attributed that factor alone to the sky-high prices these classic Mopars fetch today.

Before you cry too much about Schneider’s General Lee getting crushed, the man reportedly owns several of them. Sure, you could cynically say that’s why he’s not freaking out, but it might be the man has a better perspective on life. We love cool cars just like Schneider does, but in a time when people are suffering and many have died, a damaged vehicle – even one as cool as the General Lee – doesn’t rank nearly as high on the list of priorities. We’re sure the Charger will be fixed and those photos of its roof crushed by a tree will be added to the memorabilia in Schneider’s house.

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