1970s Cuda Is Packing A Hemi Under The Hood, But Not The One You Might Expect

Sep 2, 2021 1 min read
1970s Cuda Is Packing A Hemi Under The Hood, But Not The One You Might Expect

This Cuda is a real hell-raiser!

From the infamous supercharger whine to the insane 707-horsepower figures, the Hellcat engine is one of Mopar’s most recognizable modern creations. As car enthusiasts, these high horsepower Hellcats are a common dream among our fantasies of fast fun. In a time when big V8 engines are being demonized (pun very much intended) Dodge created a monster that spat in the face of its anemic competitors. Accompanying that fantastic engine is yet another Mopar monster made famous for its wicked styling and gigantic engine options. The car in question is, of course, the fan-favorite Plymouth 'Cuda. These insane cars have gained a reputation for being one of the Chrysler family’s greatest creations and now these two engineering legends have combined forces.

Here are ten things you probably didn't know about the 'Cuda.

Under the hood of this Plymouth ‘Cuda is the infamous Hellcat engine which produces 707 horsepower for this prized muscle car to play around with. Handling is dealt with by a fully adjustable QA1 suspension system and a Ford 9” rear end which allows the car full control over its power. Stopping power is handled through the use of Wilwood disc brakes with drilled and slotted rotors all around. The interior is a mix of Hellcat and Cuda pieces with parts such as the steering wheel and seats coming from a newer model while still retaining the nostalgia of the classic 'Cuda design.

As this thing barrels down the highway at ridiculous speeds the high pitch sound of the supercharger screaming for more is accented by the deep growl that accompanies the exhaust note. At just three-quarters throttle the car is already spinning tires but at full throttle, the engine becomes aggressive and violent. The rubber begins to burn and the car starts to go sideways. While it provides a smooth enough ride to feel comfortable in daily driving situations, the top of its rpm range is where the car truly begins to strut its stuff.

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