Impatient Corvette Driver Wrecks Big

Mar 16, 2023 2 min read
Impatient Corvette Driver Wrecks Big

Maybe try therapy?

The latest example of a Corvette driver acting like a jerk then reaping the consequences of his actions demonstrates an eternal principle. I’ve known quite a few people who own cool cars when they themselves aren’t all that cool. You aren’t your car. I’m putting that out up front since last time I mocked a Corvette driver doing something stupid I was accused of hating Corvettes.

Watch a Corvette pull a Mustang here.

In this new video, which was posted to Instagram, we see dashcam footage of a Corvette driving awfully close to, perhaps even tailgating, a white crossover as both vehicles are on a freeway onramp. This happens all the time and I get it, sitting behind a car that isn’t accelerating like you think it should can be frustrating.

Instead of just grinning and bearing it, this Corvette driver decides to yank on the steering wheel and cross the gore point (those two solid white lines on the road) to merge onto the freeway early. He probably thought he would get around the slow crossover and be off like a rocket.

Problem was a semi-truck was in the next lane over, and it looks like the Corvette driver didn’t realize that until he almost ran right into it. Panicking, the guy tugged the steering wheel right, sending the American sports car careening into the cement barrier on the side of the freeway.

Like a rookie getting battered by the heavyweight champion in the ring, the Chevy’s back end lifts up into the air, slamming down as it veers to the left as if the driver in that point is seeing stars. That’s when the scariest part happens and the ‘Vette almost submarines under the back end of the semi’s trailer. Thankfully, the car’s nose hits the rear wheels and crumples, otherwise the accident easily could’ve been fatal.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who’s eager to merge onto the freeway but is behind a driver who’s going slow: take a few deep breaths and proceed with caution. Yes, it’s a frustrating situation but doing something rash like this Corvette driver did could land you in a similarly bad position.

Check out the video for yourself.

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