C8 Corvette Abandoned In Montana Snowstorm

Jan 11, 2023 2 min read
C8 Corvette Abandoned In Montana Snowstorm

Probably should’ve towed it home instead…

Sometimes we meet the dire consequences to our horrible decisions, which is exactly what happened to a C8 Corvette driver recently in Montana. If you don’t know, snowstorms in state can be quite fierce, something anyone who lives there should know well. That’s why it’s shocking to see the mid-engine American sports car just left on a snowbank on the side of the snow-encrusted road.

Check out a Ferrari playing in the snow here.

The photo, which was posted to Reddit, didn’t come with any real info. However, the dealer plate left on the front clearly shows the dealership is in Montana. That, combined with the landscape and big, partly cloudy sky should remove all doubt.

If you live where it doesn’t really ever snow, you might not completely understand why taking a C8 Corvette out on snowy roads is a bad idea. One Reddit user tried to argue that thanks to the mid-ship placement of the engine, combined with rear-wheel drive, the C8 should be a dream in such conditions.

That ignores all the other factors which make a vehicle miserable if not impossible to drive in seriously snowy conditions. For starters, ground clearance is a big factor as the white stuff accumulates on roadways. If your car is low enough it starts to become the wrong kind of snowplow, which can lead to a loss of control or just leave you stranded.

The fact this was left on top of a drift leads us to believe the driver couldn’t really see. Supposedly this happened during a storm, and when you have snow coming down from the sky, combined with it getting kicked up and trailing off vehicles in front of you/going the opposite direction, the result is visibility is cut. Add to that a sports car that’s low to the ground and you’re just getting pelted so even keeping the wipers going full-tilt doesn’t allow you to really see.

Whatever happened, the driver would’ve been better off to have just towed the C8 Corvette home instead of trying to brave the storm. This is the kind of vehicle you leave garaged until the weather is nice, then you can pull it out and have some fun.

Source and photo: Reddit

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