Pushy C8 Corvette Driver Gets His Just Deserts

Aug 22, 2022 2 min read
Pushy C8 Corvette Driver Gets His Just Deserts

This should happen more often…

Commuting through stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic is something nobody likes doing. If you deal with it on the daily as you go to and from work, the monotonous grind can really wear on you. That’s especially the case if you own a vehicle which is highly capable and you really want to stretch its legs and just drive. Despite all that, most decent people realize everybody around them isn’t trying to annoy them but instead those other drivers are just trying to get where they’re going too. Then there’s this C8 Corvette driver who appears to think he’s the only one who has anywhere important to be.

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We’ve all dealt with these kinds of drivers. They like to get within inches of your bumper as if that will magically make the car in front of you drive faster. Or maybe they’ll figure you’ll start tailgating, and so will the next five drivers in front of you so that when someone has to make an emergency stop there can be a multiple-car accident.

But this C8 Corvette driver doesn’t just tailgate. No, he decides the gore point on the entrance ramp is his private traffic lane. Cops really hate this behavior and it isn’t because they’re control freaks. Crossing over gore points is dangerous, often leading to fatal accidents. Famously, here in Arizona DPS Officer Doug Knutson was killed by someone doing that very thing back in 1998 leading to a law banning the practice. Still, from July 2009 to the fall of 2012, officers in the state handed out almost 6,000 citations for drivers going over the gore point.

On top of that, the C8 Corvette driver seems to think anyone not tailgating is far game for being cut off in traffic. He also threatens to hit other vehicles with his sports car as if he doesn’t care all that much about it. We somehow think if his Chevy was even scratched the guy would be furious, so why threaten to use it as a battering ram? We all know the answer: to get his way.

Thankfully, a cop observes all this and pulls the C8 Corvette over. We would hope this guy learned a lesson, but from experience we’ve learned most drivers like this just rant about how horrible police officers are and claim nobody else on the road knows how to drive. That’s why it’s great to see this guy get busted because drivers like this need to face the consequences of their actions more often.

Images via YouTube

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