Guy Buys A Wrecked McLaren 720S

Apr 25, 2021 2 min read
Guy Buys A Wrecked McLaren 720S

Can it even be fixed?

Usually, when someone talks about buying their dream car, they mean getting it new from the dealer or maybe slightly used from a private party. The guy from the YouTube account vTuned Garage apparently thinks buying a totaled version of his dream car, a McLaren 720S, is the ticket. The victim of a front-end collision on the highway, this British supercar doesn’t look too good. That didn’t stop this guy from submitting the winning bid online, making the hot mess all his.

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photo credit: Instagram

In the first of the two videos accompanying this article you get to see the guy excitedly pick up the supercar. He swings by Samcrac’s to show off the sweet ride, the older and more experienced YouTuber kindly dropping hints this will be a huge, frustrating project.

Of course, any vehicle can be fixed, with few exceptions. The catch might be that the cost to fix a car isn’t worth the effort, but on something as valuable as a McLaren 720S that becomes less likely. The guy suspects this British supercar has few miles on it because the tires look essentially brand new and it’s a 2019 model, but since the battery is dead he bought it without knowing the mileage.

Taking off the bent frame rail and some other parts, the guy from vTuned Garage says the McLaren doesn’t “look that bad.” Hey, he’s the expert so sure, why not? We’d still be nervous to buy something like this, but then again we don’t work in a body shop.

Just like every project we’ve taken on, once he really gets into things this guy realizes fixing the 720S is going to be a whole lot more complex and involved than he was thinking initially. He initially believed the passenger side was pretty much unharmed, but the frame rail did some damage to the carbon-fiber monocoque, which is a big problem.

There are other issues he’s running into, including finding parts. After all, there aren’t too many McLaren 720S’ out there. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes him to get everything fixed and put this supercar back on the market.

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