'Gran Turismo' Film's Nissan GT-R Races to Auction

Aug 9, 2023 1 min read
'Gran Turismo' Film's Nissan GT-R Races to Auction

Race-Ready Nissan GT-R from 'Gran Turismo' Film Set to Command the Auction Stage.

As the movie "Gran Turismo" gears up for its release on August 11th, car enthusiasts have another date to mark on their calendars. On August 25th, a featured car from the film, the R35 Nissan GT-R GT3, will be presented for auction by Silverstone Auctions.

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The film chronicles the real-life journey of Jann Mardenborough, who rose to racing prominence after excelling in the "Gran Turismo" video games as part of the Nissan GT Academy program.

The auctioned GT-R shares ties with both the movie and the genuine GT Academy program. Not only did Mardenborough perform stunts driving the GT-R in the film, but he also helmed the car in several European races.

Among its accolades, this GT-R claimed the ninth position at the 2015 24 Hours of Nürburgring race. It donned a somber black design during this race, honoring a fan who tragically lost their life in a prior event at the Nürburgring, involving Mardenborough and another GT-R.

Moreover, this particular GT-R once belonged to Darren Cox, the brain behind the GT Academy. Both Cox and Mardenborough had aspirations pinned on the GT-R LM Nismo. This unique vehicle, with its atypical front-engine, front-wheel-drive setup, was meant to be Nissan's star at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, its sole appearance was marred by performance issues, leading Nissan to recalibrate its global racing endeavors.

While it remains uncertain when or if a GT-R LM Nismo will appear at auction, the GT-R from the movie comes with a projected price tag ranging from £225,000 to £275,000, translating to about $289,000 to $354,000. Its final price might hinge on the success of the "Gran Turismo" movie. Regardless, potential buyers can take comfort in knowing that the car is deemed race-ready by the auctioneers.

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