Original Auto knows what they’re doing, and they sure are good at it…

The Nissan GTR is a car that calls upon Japanese car enthusiast fanboys from across the globe to every car show it appears at. Along with being a really great platform for its time, the innovative technology of today’s world allows for some crazy crazy possibilities. Enter hooligan, one of the world's most prolific racing teams currently fighting for the hearts and minds of young car people everywhere. They’ve got a pretty crazy GTR on their hands and recently they decided to take it to a Dyno. So what exactly kind of power is this incredible piece of Japanese heritage pushing out?

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Well first of all, understand that this is no stock automobile with all the bells and whistles that came from the factory. In fact, it’s got quite a few modifications that make it a whole lot more powerful than an unmodified counterpart. On top of being tuned for E 85 fuel, this turbo charged masterpiece is running 42 pounds of boost. Needless to say it’s not exactly the kind of car you would expect to see driving around on the road. Rather this vehicle's playground of choice is probably a track or, more fittingly, the hoonigan burn yard which is where they do all of their burnouts.

When all of the fun talk about the car and its owner was out of the way, it was time to get down to brass tacks. Everybody expected this car to make quite a bit of horsepower, but it’s not likely that anyone really imagined it could be this insane. After running it on the Dyno at what they call all the RPMs, the car ran a blistering 983 hp. So needless to say, it might just be the perfect car for track racing, drag racing, or even drifting, though the all-wheel-drive system might have something else to say about that. Overall OriginalAuto did a great job building this car and it’s exciting to think about what else they might have in store for the near future.

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