Shannon Sharpe Reveals Exclusive Dodge Challenger Purchase

Aug 9, 2023 1 min read
Shannon Sharpe Reveals Exclusive Dodge Challenger Purchase

Amid Speculations of ESPN Move...

Former NFL superstar, Shannon Sharpe, recently showcased his latest acquisition on Twitter – a rare Dodge Challenger Hellcat, affectionately known as the "Black Ghost". With only 300 of these vehicles ever produced, Sharpe's purchase certainly made a statement.

Learn more about the Black Ghost here.

This revelation comes at a time when the sports world is buzzing with talks of Sharpe potentially making a move to ESPN, especially given the ongoing reshuffling within the network's personnel. Given Sharpe's extensive football background and insights into other sports like basketball, many believe he would make a valuable addition to ESPN's roster.

Previously, Sharpe had been a fixture on FS1's "Undisputed" for nearly seven years, sharing the stage with co-host Skip Bayless, a former mainstay of ESPN's "First Take". It's notable that Bayless played a pivotal role in ushering in Stephen A. Smith to "First Take", with both frequently exchanging their views from 2012 to 2016.

Yet, the partnership between Bayless and Sharpe at "Undisputed" was, at times, marked by friction. Rumors have suggested that the duo's rapport became increasingly strained over the years. Ryan Glasspiegel from the New York Post highlighted an instance where Sharpe apparently desired more input into segment topics, a request not always granted.

Further fuelling these rumors was a particular episode post the unfortunate cardiac arrest event of Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin during a match. Bayless's critique of the NFL's choice to halt the game added another layer to the speculated tensions between the two hosts.

Source: SportsKeeda

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