R34 Skyline GT-R Z-Tune Sells For Almost $2 Million

Aug 30, 2022 2 min read
R34 Skyline GT-R Z-Tune Sells For Almost $2 Million

Certain JDM cars are appreciating in value fast…

For those who aren’t into JDM cars, paying nearly $2 million for an R34 Nissan Skyline sounds absolutely insane. However, those in the know will immediately understand such an astronomical price once they learn the car in question is a Nismo Z-Tune model imported to the US. Thanks to a combination of extreme rarity, growing affluence among millennials, and the infamous 25 year rule, cars like this one are seeing values absolutely skyrocket in North America, even though they’re not exactly cheap elsewhere.

Check out Paul Walker’s Skyline R34 GT-R here.

Many Nissan enthusiasts agree the R34 is the best version of the Skyline ever made. Sure, there are those who will argue all day the R35 is superior and they have some valid points, but the market is heavily tilted in favor of the R34. Admittedly, here in the US that’s partly due to the forbidden fruit phenomena as everyone eagerly awaits for the 25 year rule to allow widespread admittance of these Godzillas. The few who have been able to procure one and legally import it into the country.

With this particular car, the rarity of the R34 in this country is just a small factor in its monstrous price. More influential is the fact Nismo only created 19 Z-Tune Skyline GT-Rs, so these are precious in every market, commanding skyscraper prices. However, none has pulled down almost $2 million before, indicating the value is skyrocketing. Even for regular R34s, you’re looking at a price well into the six digits, deflating those who want to drive the legend in real life but have to pay for a mortgage instead.

As reported by CarBuzz, who spoke to the owner, this car’s final selling price was a whopping $1,985,000. Yes, you can buy quite a few impressive cars with that kind of money, but for those who have plenty of cash and want the rarest version of the R34, it’s apparently worth every penny.

Source and photos: CarBuzz

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