Gabriel Iglesias Owns A Huge Volkswagen Type 2 Collection

Oct 31, 2023 2 min read
Gabriel Iglesias Owns A Huge Volkswagen Type 2 Collection

It’s time to tour the Fluffy Museum…

Gabriel Iglesias has an amazing collection of Volkswagen Buses that, according to the comedian, is worth about $3 million. The garage where he keeps these classic VWs is called the Fluffy Museum and the man has all kinds of memorabilia to help celebrate what’s obviously his favorite classic car.

Check out this restored Volkswagen Microbus here.

The garage where Iglesias keeps his vehicles has been fashioned to pay tribute to the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. In the video included with this article, the comedian treats viewers to a private tour of the collection, which includes a 1967 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia Camper which was modified tastefully after the acquisition, something which Iglesias seems prone to do. He also has a Type 2 truck which has been gussied up with chrome and given a roof.

image credit: YouTube

Not shockingly, Iglesias says the decision to collect all these classic Volkswagens was influenced by Jay Leno. In a conversation between comedians, the Leno convinced Iglesias that putting his money into vehicles which will appreciate in value over time is a great way to enjoy an investment. Obviously Iglesias took this advice to heart.

According to Iglesias, once the man passes away the Fluffy Museum will become an actual museum open to the public in Long Beach, California. Apparently, the comedian really wants to show off his passion after he’s left this life, so why not now? Also, if the vehicles are investments, is he never planning to divest? Probably you shouldn’t think too much about what Iglesias says but instead just laugh and move on.

image credit: YouTube

Iglesias not only collects Volkswagen Buses, the man owns some incredibly rare Beetles. One is a 1950, the first year the cars were imported to the United States and is 1 of 3 in existence.

Not everything in Gabriel Iglesias’ car collection is a Volkswagen. The comedian has a need for speed as clearly evidenced by the muscle cars. Among the ones he owns is a Dodge Charger Hellcat and Challenger Hellcat, plus a modern Pontiac Trans Am which is a Camaro converted by Trans Am Depot and bears Burt Reynolds’ signature on the dash.

Check out the video tour for yourself.

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