What nice friends!

We always say car enthusiasts have big hearts and the examples of this are everywhere. One of the latest comes via New Caney, Texas where a group of friends restored a 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 that belongs to a man diagnosed with ALS, fulfilling his longtime dream.

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To present the restored pony car to their friend, the men put together a little classic car meet at Valley Ranch Town Center, turning it into quite the celebration covered by local station KHOU 11. Removing the cover from the vehicle, they presented it to the man, his wife, and kids. The whole scene looked pretty emotional.

Too often, gearheads are accused of “only caring about cars.” We get that hurled at us way too much by people who just love to run around and criticize anything they don’t understand. And they obviously don’t get the car community. While there are some interesting people in it, most enthusiasts we’ve known are incredibly generous people who care about their community and the people in it.

A lot of times, we own old cars that we just can’t part with, like this ’73 Mach 1. The owner had it since he was 17 and had plans to restore it, but then his health took a turn for the worse and he obviously couldn’t fulfill that dream himself. Realizing what it meant to him, his old friends stepped in and took up the torch, giving him a beautifully restored pony everyone can admire.

Not only did his friends sacrifice time every day for a year to restore the car, with their families supporting them in this act of charity, they used the classic car show and celebration to raise money for their friend and his family. Now those are some great buddies to have.

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