Man In His 90s Giving Car Collection To Charity

Sep 22, 2021 2 min read
Man In His 90s Giving Car Collection To Charity

The collection was modest but the gesture was incredible.

George Allen passed away at the age of 94, an age most of us would consider to be a luxury to reach. During his long life, he was able to fulfill his automotive enthusiast dreams, and collect many of his dream cars. After George passed away last year, it was revealed that he graciously dedicated his car collection to a charity.

Resident of Halstead, U.K., George Allen left behind a modest collection of seven collectible cars that included four Ford Model T cars, ranging in model year ranges from 1911 and 1921. His family shared with a local news outlet that he had considered donating them to a museum, or even multiple museums, but ultimately decided on a more righteous cause. George decided that the best thing to do would to let them be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and RSPCA charities.

"He was keen on Cancer Research but also the British Heart Foundation as my brother died at 45 of a heart attack and heart problems are hereditary in the family," his niece said.

"He was always keen on the air ambulance as well as the [RSPCA] Danaher Animal Home. He was always going over there when he could drive bringing tins of cat and dog food.

Not all early model Fords, the collection also included a 1969 Austin Morris Mini-Minor MkII Countryman, a 1981 Austin Mini Clubman automatic and a 1991 Ford Sierra Estate.

A total of $79,233.80 (£58,000) was raised, and the cars will go on to be enjoyed by fellow enthusiasts.

Source: SWNS

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