It does so even better than singing for all to hear!

People get into the Christmas spirit all sorts of different ways. For some it might require watching a certain movie while others prefer decking out their house with a huge display. Mike Palacious of Virginia Beach likes to combine the two and add in some classic cars for good measure. Creative Consultant for Lawyer Garage, Palacious has assembled an epic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation display at his house for all to see.

image credit: WTKR

Central to the holiday movie decorations are the Griswold’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the awful faux wood-paneled station wagon the family famously used, plus Cousin Eddie’s rusty old RV. Both replicas are convincing tributes to the movie cars, something Lawyer Garage has specialized in for some time. There are even cutouts of the movie characters in the vehicles, adding to the fun.

We love the fact the movie cars are central to the holiday display, showing just how impactful the vehicles are. Rounding out the decorations is a mannequin Clark Griswold putting up holiday lights on the roof.

image credit: WTKR

According to Palacious, the display is all about celebrating the holidays in a fun way after a rough year for everyone. Sadly, it has to be mentioned that the whole thing is a drive-thru experience, so nobody will be breaking those all-important COVID regulations which have shut down a lot of events this year.

image credit: WTKR

For those who haven’t been able to see any Lawyer’s Garage vehicles at events in the past, they really do quality work. A local news station was given a tour of the secret building where they store the collection, which includes the Tim Burton Batmobile, a Mystery Machine, Joker’s motorcycle, and a life-size Tonka truck.

If you live in the Virginia Beach area, the display is located at 489 London Bridge Road.

Source: WTKR

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