Former Rolls-Royce Factory Could Become A Classic Car Attraction

Mar 4, 2021 1 min read
Former Rolls-Royce Factory Could Become A Classic Car Attraction

This could be interesting…

A new plan lodged by JSA Architects proposes converting a former Rolls-Royce factory in Derby, England to a “classic car visitor attraction.” While that at first sounds like a museum or some sort of theme park, what the plan really calls for is to open up shops where classic car restoration craftsman can do their trade and train those who want to join the industry. It’s not a bad idea and something which could be done in other parts of the world.

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Great Northern Classics used JSA Architects to formally lodge the plans, which involve preserving the historic building which used to be the automaker’s Light Alloy Foundry. According to the proposal, about 120 jobs would be created by the venture since engine builders, body sharps, upholsterers, auto-electricians, and other fabricators could rent workshop space. Apprentices could then learn the various trades from the older generation so the skills aren’t lost.

The idea is not only would this spur the classic car restoration business in Derby and the surrounding area, it could attract tourists. As part of the design, tourists could observe the tradesmen working away from an observation area without getting in the way.

A secure classic car storage area is also included in the plan. Visitors would be able to see these vehicles, but it’s not clear how the cars would be protected against damage or theft. It’s an interesting concept since instead of people just visiting an automotive museum they would see how classic cars are restored.

While the building currently houses the Rolls-Royce Heritage Centre, the automaker already has plans to transfer that to its main civil aerospace campus in Sinfin, leaving the building in Derby unoccupied. This proposed plan isn’t set in stone yet, but it could become a pattern for similar ventures elsewhere, or so we hope.

Source: The Business Desk

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