Thief Uses Camaro To Trash Local Business

Mar 4, 2021 2 min read
Thief Uses Camaro To Trash Local Business

At least he was obediently wearing a mask during the crime…

After a break-in aided by a 2015 Chevy Camaro and theft, Jason Jordan’s automotive engine shop was torched, destroying 2 decades of the man’s hard work. Jordan is the owner of Austin-Jordan Engines, which is located in Wyoming, Michigan. Thanks to surveillance video and the vigilance of the shop’s employees, police were able to catch the accused arsonist, Kevin Daniel Baker, who is now facing a whole string of charges.

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According to police, Baker used the stolen Camaro to drive through a fence so he could break into Austin-Jordan Engines. The man stole tools and checks from the business, then set the place on fire to destroy evidence of his crime. However, his face is clearly visible in surveillance video from the shop, so all he did was dig himself in deeper.

image credit: YouTube

When Jordan’s employees received a call the next day from a check cashing place asking if a check from the business was legitimate, they called police and hurried to keep Baker from leaving, parking behind the Camaro so he couldn’t jump in and get away.

Thankfully, they didn’t confront Baker, who was also armed with a stolen gun he might have tried using. Now the man is facing 7 felony charges, including breaking and entering, being a felon in possession of a firearm, third-degree arson, and car theft.

image credit: YouTube

The community has been pitching in to help Jordan get through the tough times. Other automotive shops have towed vehicles from the burnt-out building and are allowing Jordan and his employees to work in their space for now. However, the damage to the building and equipment is estimated to be about $800,000, so covering everything seems like a daunting task.

Source: WZZM 13

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