Justin Bieber Floating Rolls-Royce Spotted

Feb 20, 2021 2 min read
Justin Bieber Floating Rolls-Royce Spotted

Is this thing ugly or epic?

When you live in Southern California you can see all kinds of crazy things, especially interesting customized cars. YouTuber effspot has made a name for himself doing just that while filming the experience so we all get to live it vicariously. He’s shared funny videos of social media influencers doing cringe-worthy things in cars on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and braved the aftermath of rioting to capture a Porsche 911 GT3 RS torched in the middle of the road in Beverly Hills. And now he brings us Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce Wraith given a serious working over by West Coast Customs.

Want to know what makes Rolls-Royce so expensive? We break it down here.
image credit: YouTube

Any Rolls-Royce is something we stop and stare at, simply because the ultra-luxury British cars are exceptionally rare and loaded with bespoke details. Then there’s this Wraith which West Coast Customs transformed in dramatic fashion. It looks like a set piece from an early 2000s science fiction movie, kind of like the Audi RSQ Will Smith’s character drove in I, Robot.

By covering the wheels, this Rolls kind of looks like it’s floating. Obviously, those covers over the front wheels are able to pivot with the wheels, but we’d love to know exactly how. Some have tried to say this car is a copy of the Rolls-Royce 130EX Concept, however the wheels on that weren’t entirely covered, allowing the bling bling to show through in a dazzling display. Still, that and maybe the weird I, Robot Audi as well as some other cars with covered wheels inspired this?

image credit: YouTube

To be honest, we had no idea this car existed and if we saw it parked somewhere we’d never make the connection to Bieber. Thankfully one of effspot’s friends recognized whose it was or the owner might still be a mystery.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new ride? Does it prove money can’t buy taste? Or is it a forward-thinking futuremobile of prestige? Also, in the video the Rolls sequence starts at about 5:39.

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