Ford GT Carbon Edition Vs 1,400HP AWD Mustang

Apr 17, 2021 2 min read
Ford GT Carbon Edition Vs 1,400HP AWD Mustang

The Hoonicorn takes on the iconic GT40 in a 3 round race for the fastest legendary Ford.

One might be under the assumption that in a race between the Hoonicorn vs a GT the Hoonicorn would be left in the dust. However, don't let that classic 1965 Mustang styling fool you because these cars are both legends in their own right. The GT40 will always be remembered for its stunning performance in the 24hours of Le Mans whereas the Hoonicorn has made a name for itself on YouTube with its legendary shows of both mechanical ingenuity and driver skill.

Watch Ken Block take on a McLaren here.

Specs for the two cars are also drastically different with the Hoonicorn pushing out 1,400 horsepower and the Ecoboost V6 GT only having about 647. The car's weights are relatively similar, so there is little room for discrepancy there, and they also have different drive trains. Ken Block’s Hoonicorn has a 6.7-liter Methanol-fed twin-turbo V8 that revs to 8,600rpm mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission putting down 1,400 horsepower to the signature style wheels and AWD. In comparison to the RWD Ecoboost V6 of the GT giving out just around 647 horsepower and 550ft/lbs of torque, the transmission is a 7-speed automatic which may be the GT’s only advantage over the Hoonicorn.

Round one was a head to head drag race in which both participants started from a dig. The flag went down and it wasn't long until Block was in the lead. As a result, the GT lost by a full 3 seconds. After the GT’s loss, the team decided to do a roll race for round 2. The Hoonicorn came in the first place but the GT40 did get closer to winning due to it being able to pick up its pace toward the end of the race. Hoonicorn was declared the official winner and the Bonus round was begun.

For the bonus round the GT40 was given a 40mph rolling handicap while the Hoonicorn started from a dig. The Hoonicorn still came out victorious by literal fractions of seconds. In the end, the question of which Ford legend was fastest was settled and the team celebrated by giving the honors of the ceremonial burnouts to the GT.

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