They call it Vicious and that’s not just a name…

If you know YouTube channel AutotopiaLA, then you know the host Shawn Davis, who’s the owner of the infamous Vicious Mustang. Davis doesn’t just make cool online videos, the man runs the high-end car storage and concierge facility in Los Angeles called AutotopiaLA, so the man deals with some amazing builds and exclusive supercars every day. That’s why when it came to building his own Ford Mustang, the man wanted only the best, resulting in a $1 million car.

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That sounds insane, but the Vicious Mustang earned its name for a reason. With 10,000 manhours poured into the pony car, every last detail is just so. If you want to turn heads at the big car shows in Southern California, everything about your ride has to be buttoned up just so.

image credit: YouTube

You might think with that kind of a price tag this Ford has an ultra-luxurious interior. That’s far from the truth, because Davis wanted to pour the money into performance, not plush comforts. He’s definitely an adrenaline junky, so having something that’s more of a race car than a luxury cruiser is right up his alley.

image credit: YouTube

The body features all kinds of hand fabrication work, which is what really ran up the final bill. But this thing also comes with everything from paddle shifters to a roll cage and LED lighting. All the engine internals were swapped out for stronger aftermarket components, plus a supercharger and twin turbos were bolted on. Yes, the Vicious Mustang is extreme in every way.

image credit: YouTube

We know some people don’t like such crazy builds because they stray so far from the factory specs, and for anyone of that persuasion there are plenty of Mustangs which are close to how they were right off the assembly line. But if you’re a Mustang fanatic and love extreme performance, this build is like a dream come true.

Davis says he has no idea what the top speed is for his car since he can’t reach it on any stretch of road. However, he suspects it’s somewhere around 230 mph. We don’t think he’s exaggerating at all, that’s how badass this Mustang is.

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