Spread The Word: Dodge Demon Stolen In Detroit

Apr 6, 2023 2 min read
Spread The Word: Dodge Demon Stolen In Detroit

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, even if you live nowhere near Detroit!

With the reveal of the final Last Call Dodge being a new Challenger Demon 170, there’s plenty of excitement in the air. Unfortunately, one owner of a 2018 Dodge Demon isn’t feeling any of that excitement after his car was stolen in Detroit. We want everyone to spread the word because someone knows where this Mopar is.

See just how much dealers are gouging for the new Dodge Demon 170 here.

According to the victim, Josh Welton, the Demon called “Holy Smoke” was swiped from a gated lot on Monday afternoon. The thieves must have been following Welton because he says it’s a location he normally doesn’t visit.

All they had to do is cut the chain securing the gate, then they likely programmed a new fob to the ignition, a common tactic for stealing Dodges and many other cars.

Welton says he believes the Demon has already been chopped up into bits. He might be right, but he might not be. After all, Dodge keeps a tight lid on Demon-specific parts, a move it made to stop people from building clones. That makes chopping one up and selling the different unique components a little riskier because you can’t just get those from anywhere. Still, we know there are dumb criminals who might do something like that, but many of these car theft rings are run by some rather sly international criminals.

More likely is the Demon has been moved to a different location, either another region of the US or somewhere overseas. We see that happen all the time. So that means even if you aren’t anywhere near Detroit you or someone you know could run across this car. It’s Demon #40 and wears the very rare paint option Maximum Steel with a black interior and red seatbelts.

Let’s help Welton have a happy ending to this awful story and hopefully bust some car thieves in the process, so spread this info far and wide.

I wasn’t gonna post about this, cuz we’ve been through it before and the results are always the same: a cut up shell...

Posted by Josh Welton on Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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