Dodge Demon Ends Holy War With Brutal Punch To Exorcist Camaro

Jan 22, 2023 2 min read
Dodge Demon Ends Holy War With Brutal Punch To Exorcist Camaro

This is a throwback, but a damn satisfying one!

The Dodge Demon was a game-changer in high-performance American muscle cars because of its status as the fastest Domestic automobile from the factory. This spawned a religious rivalry, with everyone from Ford to Chevy shaking in their boots. Rather than put any effort into making the Camaro fast again, GM left the job up to Hennessy to resurrect the spirits of Chevy fans everywhere. After months of development, the Hennessy Exorcist Camaro was born, and the new competitor was ready to step up to take on the Dodge Demon. However, it is pretty unclear which car is faster despite the name, with many enthusiasts chalking the vehicle up to a direct rip-off of the Demon. Finally, the Exorcist was given a chance to prove itself on the famous European automotive show The Grand Tour.

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This was, of course, after warming up with a light snack in the form of a head-on race against a 750 horsepower Ford Mustang. As you can probably guess, the Exorcist made quick work of the 'Stang. After all, the Camaro has always been known as "a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs," so what did you expect from this great car? While it is all well and good to know that this 1000 horsepower beast can take on the likes of a 750 horsepower Mustang, we all know what this video was about.

On one side, both cars lined up the famed Exorcist Camaro and, on the other, a stunning red Dodge Demon. While both vehicles are incredibly iconic in today's car culture, the cars are all about speed, so it's time to see who does it better. The Christmas tree light flashes from red to yellow and finally to green as both cars speed off in a bashful display of strength and power. As both vehicles seem to skyrocket to their red line, the Demon inches forward past the Exorcist. Then, an inch turns into feet, and feet turn into about a car length before these badass American muscle cars blast through the finish line with the kind of brutal grace that only a true drag racer can possess.

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