Dodge Challenger Thief Shot By Police

Mar 24, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Thief Shot By Police

At least he wasn’t released on zero bail two hours later…

A thief who stole a Dodge Challenger was shot by police in Newark, New Jersey back on the morning of March 15 and another was arrested. According to a local report, it was reported stolen from a “7-Eleving” in Asbury Park the day before, which either is a weird New Jersey chain or the 7-Eleven we all know. Also, they reported the stolen vehicle was a Dodge Charger, even though the image clearly shows a Challenger. This is the state of our education system these days.

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Anyway, someone called the cops on the 15th and reported the stolen Mopar muscle car was sitting in their backyard. From the aerial image, it almost looks like the Challenger hit the corner of the house. Sadly, Challengers crashing into homes is a more common occurrence than you might want to believe.

When police arrived on scene, they found two guys in the Dodge. You would think they would’ve dumped the car and ran, but it’s possible they were doing… other stuff and didn’t realize anyone would notice they were parked in a backyard.

Just to rack up the dumb choices made in the moment, the driver tried to hit a police officer as he approached the car. That’s always a bad idea because in most jurisdictions it’s considered assault with a deadly weapon. Cops absolutely will open fire and justifiably so, which was exactly what the officer did, hitting the driver multiple times. We’re guessing he spends a lot of time at the range and deserves a pay bump for keeping his skills finely tuned.

The third dumb decision was made by the passenger, who jumped out of the muscle car and tried to run away. Police captured him and the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Apparently, both the driver and passenger are juveniles. What have their parents taught them, or more importantly not taught them?

A lot of people still haven’t received the memo that car thefts are out of control, at least not until they get their ride swiped. Since we closely monitor the news about such crimes and work to keep enthusiasts aware that they need to take extra measures to secure their vehicle, we’re keenly aware of the problem. Too many times these guys get caught and are back on the street by dinner so they can keep stealing cars, especially in states like New Jersey. And while we don’t celebrate people getting hurt, in this case you can’t help but feel there’s some form of karma at work.

Source: ABC7 NY

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