News Report Tries Claiming Thieves Are Stealing Cars For A New Purpose

Feb 16, 2023 1 min read
News Report Tries Claiming Thieves Are Stealing Cars For A New Purpose

But they’re so far off-base…

A local news report out of St. Louis is trying to tell everyone that only recently have criminals been stealing cars to commit other crimes. We know, try not to act too shocked they think everyone is stupid enough to believe this is some new phenomena since crooks have been boosting vehicles to pull off other illegal activities literally for decades.

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This news report breathlessly tells the story of how one woman’s vehicle was stolen from her house and later was used in the shooting of a Cracker Barrel employee. What’s even more ridiculous is how it details out how the car theft victim’s teenage son tried running after the thieves, only later the mother realized the criminals had at least one gun and could’ve shot her son.

What’s truly ridiculous is the report mentions but only in passing that the three people who were in that stolen car when one of them shot the Cracker Barrel employee are all minors. It also isn’t new to have teenagers shooting other people or stealing cars, but that’s far more disturbing than the fact anyone steals a car to commit other crimes in.

We have to wonder how many people in St. Louis are buying into this news station’s narrative that this is some sort of new crime trend. Also, why would they act like it’s something new? Is this to get better ratings through sensationalism? Or is there something else going on we’re just not seeing?

Sure, it would be disturbing to realize someone stole your ride to try murdering another human, or worse, but like we said before this isn’t exactly something new. After all, if you steal a car and use that to commit another crime, the police are going to have a harder time tracking you down than if you use your own ride with the plates registered to your address.

Source: Fox 2 Now

Image via Kindel Media

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