Classic 1970 Challenger Gets Japanese Redesign

Mar 11, 2021 2 min read
Classic 1970 Challenger Gets Japanese Redesign

The Shirokai Widebody inspired this Challenger rendering.

The original Dodge Challenger seemed to have it all, power, styling, and a reputation for high-speed antics. As much as we love classic Mopar in the United States, it would seem that there is quite the American craze in the Japanese automotive community. However, it wouldn't be a Japanese-inspired vehicle without an insane widebody kit. Of course, this is just a rendering but the idea of a classic widebody Challenger with huge wheels and a beautiful black paint job still excites Mopar fans all around the globe. This rendering by Adry53customs combines the greatest parts of both the American and Japanese styling.

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Recently, modern Dodge muscle has gained a lot of traction surrounding its newer widebody options for its 392s and Hellcat variants. With this rise in popularity for wide tires and exaggerated fenders on America's most reputable Muscle cars, many have been left wondering what classic Mopar might look like in the same light. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to go cutting up a classic muscle car that's probably worth more than the roof they sleep under so all of those curious minds have been left in the dark until now. This is the “Black Bomb” Challenger, it sports a custom widebody kit based on the Shirokai Widebody kit, under those fenders, are LD97 Forged wheels that tuck inward due to the car's air suspension. This lets the car sit on the ground to give it an even sleeker design.

Everything from the front air-dam to the intricate rear spoiler alludes to high-powered racing inspiration. This combines with the glossy black paint job to give the car a menacing appearance which accents the original car’s personality perfectly. Though many believe that there is nothing that could improve on the original car’s styling, this certainly proves that theory wrong. Perhaps all that this American icon needed was a little bit of Japanese love.

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