Disabled Veteran’s VW Van Allegedly Stolen By Ex-Wife

Aug 25, 2021 2 min read
Disabled Veteran’s VW Van Allegedly Stolen By Ex-Wife

And people wonder why men are so skeptical about marriage these days…

A disabled military veteran named Jeffrey Patterson and his friends are trying to get the word out, claiming Patterson’s ex-wife stole several of his Volkswagens, in particular a 1967 Velvet Green Riviera Volkswagen Bus. We can’t verify this is true, but we’ve seen plenty of incidents of ex-spouses flouting court orders and taking property which isn’t actually theirs, either keeping or selling it out of spite. A post on Facebook shows portions of a divorce decree, which appears to assign ownership of the VW Type 2 in question to Jeffrey.

Check out Gabriel Iglesia’s massive VW Type 2 collection here.

The Facebook post, which was done by Deana Flanagan, claims Shannon (Greathouse-Long) Leigh Penney Patterson stole the title for this and other Volkswagens, forging the man’s signature. Apparently, Jeffrey is a fixture in the VW enthusiasts’ circles in the Southeastern United States, so to lose his beloved classic cars like this has got to be devastating.

Divorce can be rough, but some women and men seem hell-bent on making it far worse by using the process to “punish” the other person. This is a prime example of just such a scummy tactic. It’s also common for people in divorces to take marital property with the attitude they deserve it, even before or after it has been divided up, so they legally have no claim to it.

Car theft is wrong and it hits right at the heart of every enthusiast out there. We hope the proper solution is found in this situation and that the court order is followed. Flanagan’s Facebook post claims there are warrants out for Shannon Penney Patterson, so you’re probably good to call the cops if you see her or know where she is.

There’s also an ad for the stolen Volkswagen Bus on The Samba, which you can see here. It details out all the other items taken as well, which includes tools, parts, VW memorabilia, and more.

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