Buick Grand National Beats Camaro Into The Pavement

Aug 25, 2021 1 min read
Buick Grand National Beats Camaro Into The Pavement

Never underestimate a Buick!

Buick made a name for itself a long time ago for the creation of the legendary Buick GNX, sporting one of America’s most powerful twin-turbo V6 engines at the time. Unfortunately, the GNX vehicles are particularly difficult to come by these days. To combat this, car enthusiasts tend to create their high-powered takes on these incredible muscle cars. This infatuation with the Buick G-body cars eventually led to a rise in popularity for the Buick Grand National. While regular Grand National may not have had some of the same goodies that the GNX got, it was still an amazing car with many similarities to its more famous counterpart.

This craze for the power-punching pony cars has led to a lot of competitors ready to step up to the starter line in search of victory. All of the GM lineup has been aching to get a shot in at the Buick pretty boy ever since its initial debut. One of the front runners for this mass assault against the Grand National is the Chevrolet Camaro. This fire-breathing behemoth has become a monster in recent years with the invention and widespread use of the LS engine platform.

Today’s race is a perfect example of that rivalry taking place before our very eyes, a chance for the tough guy Camaro to show what it's made of. Of course, the owner of this insane Buick Grand National has seen a lot of bold-faced opponents in his time racing his beloved build. However, this sleek Camaro seems to have its wits about it and keeps a cool and collected build-up to the grand finale. The two raging bulls lined up for the start. Once situated the tree flashed from red to yellow, then to green as the cars jumped off of the line. As expected the Grand National wiped the Camaro SS clean off the face of the earth in the 1/8th mile. It just goes to show just how much potential these cars have.

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