Here's Why We Should All Consider A Roll Cage For Our Next Project Car

Nov 18, 2021 2 min read
Here's Why We Should All Consider A Roll Cage For Our Next Project Car

If you're building your car for speed you need some safety equipment, here's why.

Car crashes can be highly devastating at times, especially when traveling at higher speeds than you are used to. But, unfortunately, we see it every day, someone pulls out in front of someone, a rear collision ensues, or somebody runs a run light and is T-boned. Of course, the hope is always that the drivers walk away from the incident unharmed. However, sometimes it seems like that just isn't likely. Sometimes, miracles happen because the driver made good choices before the accident. But we don't think that anyone could have expected that this racer's life would be saved from such a terrifying crash at a ridiculously high speed by some standard racing safety equipment.

See a Corvette crashed into a California pool here.

First of all, we should say that the crash in question happened because the driver was engaged in a street race, aside from the fact that, if you are incapable of handling your car at extremely high speeds, you could end up hurting someone else. Roads are not built for racing or speeds over 100 mph. Even highways aren't nearly as flat as they should be for that sort of thing, and if you're not careful, you could hit a dip in the road and lose control as this guy did. In a matter of less than a second, this man's 800 horsepower pride and joy Corvette was utterly destroyed and reduced to little more than a pile of broken fiberglass and ash.

Possibly the only reason that everyone lived to drive another day was the back-half roll cage and five-point harness. This stopped the driver and what seemed to be a passenger from taking a nose dive into a six-foot hole in the ground and allowed for enough rigidity that the pair were not trapped inside. Unfortunately, too many times, good people have burned away in a car that they loved simply because they made a wrong decision and didn't put in any safety equipment. Thankfully, everyone is ok, and it would appear that no serious injuries were had even though the crash happened at 150 mph and ended with the car almost immediately catching on fire and burning to the ground. This should serve as a lesson for all car enthusiasts; if you're building up your project, make sure you install proper safety equipment because it might save your life.

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