Classic Truck Yard Find Collection

May 13, 2021 2 min read
Classic Truck Yard Find Collection

Richard Rawlings is on a vintage pickup treasure hunt!

The market for classic trucks has been growing recently. Because of this sudden spike in popularity, just as we have seen in the classic car market, we are beginning to notice a rise in prices too. Regardless there are still ways to get good deals on these amazing pieces of American history, the best of which is to find someone with a surplus that is ready to let some of his collection go.

Somewhere within the limits of Irving, Texas, rests a huge collection of the trucks owned by a man named Jose. This guy has everything, from ‘40s Fords to ‘20s Chevys. He's got it all. After just five years of collecting, Jose, has managed to amass a sum of over 15 trucks in just this one location. Hearing that he may want to let some of his collection go, Richard with Gas Monkey Garage went to check it out in a video posted by the team.

The first truck you see when walking up to this yard of trucks is a stunning 1954 Ford pickup truck. Under the hood is a 350-cid V8 which is connected to an automatic transmission. Handling is controlled by a Mustang-two suspension setup with power brakes. One of the coolest features of this truck is the beautiful orange leather interior that has stood the test of time. Right next to that 1954 is another Ford pickup, this time from 1949. Some other trucks accompanying the first two include a 1937 Plymouth and a 1941 Ford. All of the trucks listed above are equipped with 350 cid V8 engines and automatic transmissions.

In a separate area, located in the same yard, sit a bunch of other trucks in similar condition. Supposedly, after about a year and a half of sitting, all of the trucks will still run and drive. This spot is home to a 1935 Ford, a 1953 Chevy, yet another 1940s Ford, and a 1933 Ford pickup. The owner’s personal favorite is his collection is a split-window Volkswagen Beetle which he keeps in a shed. Another ancient artifact that he keeps locked up is a 1929 Chevy pickup truck with a wooden cab.

However cool these trucks may be, the asking prices are far too expensive for their condition. The heaviest price of all was the split-window bug, this was to be expected but not at full retail price. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these trucks will be leaving the lot any time soon but it was nice to see a well kept lot of Automotive history. Let's hope Jose’ does something with these trucks before it's too late. So for now, we will be content to watch and see if anything happens with this awesome automobile collection.

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