Freshly Built 1954 Ford F100 Restomod Is Show Ready

Sep 2, 2020 3 min read
Freshly Built 1954 Ford F100 Restomod Is Show Ready

Big fenders and a lowered ride height make this classic Ford look mean.

Ford's second-generation F-Series is one of the coolest looking pickup trucks ever made, and this 1954 Ford F100 restomod is an excellent example of why. From the outside, this F-100 being auctioned off through The Driven Exchange retains the truck's beautiful, vintage lines, but it adds a host of modern performance upgrades making this truck ready to show or go.

Image Credit: The Driven Exchange

Between those large rounded fenders sits a fuel-injected 302 cubic-inch Ford Racing V8, which pairs to the driveline from a 1994 Mustang including the four-speed automatic transmission and rear end with a limited-slip differential. This truck rides low thanks to coilovers up front and coil springs at the rear, and this along with modern conveniences such as air conditioning and power windows makes this truck a strong cruiser.

The builder of this restomod nailed the stance with the five-spoke wheels perfectly filling out the wheel wells, but the paint job is what really draws eyes to this classic Ford. It's hard to hide imperfections in black paint, but the images show incredible depth and shine from this paint job, and it's paired with flawless chrome and a beautiful stained-wood cargo bed.

Inside is just as nice with a brand new interior showing off a classic-style bench seat, while the vintage gauges are inset into a beautiful billet cluster. A lower center console was added to include aftermarket radio and A/C controls, which helps to retain the cabin's factory looks.

Image Credit: The Driven Exchange

This 1954 Ford F100 restomod will be up for grabs on The Driven Exchange through September 4th, so if you want a head-turning classic, be sure you're registered to bid for a chance as this sinister hauler.

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