This is classic American muscle vs JDM performance.

One thing gearheads like to do is argue about which cars are better. When it’s not Ford, GM, and Mopar fans trashing each other, it’s fans of American muscle cars smack talking with fans of JDM cars. To many American performance nuts, Japanese cars are weak. However, you have to keep in mind that not all JDMs are Toyota Corollas.

In the video accompanying this post, we have a street race between what looks to be a 1968 Chevelle vs an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Now, mentioning those two cars drag racing each other would make pretty much anyone laugh, because the Chevelle was built for that kind of duty so it should win no problem. However, both of these cars are pretty heavily modified. In fact, while the Chevelle is pushing 550-horsepower, the R32 Godzilla makes 650-hp. Yikes.

Check it out.

The R32 GT-R launched with a fury and won the race right there. Meanwhile, someone should check the reflexes for the guy driving the Chevelle. Also, he can’t even get through the gears correctly. Of course, this isn’t even close to a formal drag race, so before people start complaining we know that and aren’t saying all JDM cars are faster than all muscle cars – that would be stupid.

You can see both of these cars in action again, although they’re not racing each other. A rematch would’ve been good, because we’re not sure who would win if the Chevelle driver could figure out how to work his car.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 then faces off against what looks to be a heavily-modded Hudson, possibly a Super Six. The truck is running a 540ci big block V8 with 770-hp on tap. However, Godzilla’s all-wheel drive is hard to beat off the line.

Even more interesting is watching the Chevelle take on an Audi RS4 Avant. That means yet again the Chevelle is pitted against an all-wheel-drive monster. It’s a close race and we can’t tell who won, but the Audi had a slight edge off the line. Still, if given a choice between the two, we’d want the Chevelle in our garage.

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