Buick Grand National Turned Turbocharged Monster

Nov 12, 2021 2 min read
Buick Grand National Turned Turbocharged Monster

You can build a killer Grand National without it being a GNX!

While Buick may be a brand that focuses mainly on the luxury side of the automotive world there are still a few notable exceptions to this rule. Some examples of this are the Buick 442 and the GNX, however, while everybody likes to focus on the 13-second quarter-mile monster that we all know and love, many overlook the Grand National itself. While the GNX is far more desirable it has become increasingly hard to get your hands on one. This is where the naturally aspirated V6 option comes in, while good examples of the GNX continue to sell for 6 figures you can build your drag strip destroyer for half the price. That is exactly what the owner of this beautiful Buick Grand National did, taking an already amazing car and boosting the engine to make some ridiculous horsepower numbers.

Watch a Grand National get completely restored here.

Under the hood is the original 3.8-liter 6-piston block which has been bored out to 4.1-liters, however, this is, according to the builder, the only stock piece on the engine. The motor is assisted by a 6466 turbocharger which helps the car achieve horsepower numbers of 550-horsepower, however, this mild figure is because the car is being put through a break in period. When fully prepared this thing should be able to push out 650-horsepower easily. The builder wanted to also address some common misconceptions regarding Grand Nationals saying that you must still be careful and not run too much boost as this can still severely damage your engine. Underneath the car is a coil-over suspension set up and Wilwood brakes allowing this car to handle like new. The Weld Racing wheels give the car the appearance of a true drag racer and the deep throaty exhaust coupled with the blow-off from the turbo complement this effect.

As the car whizzes through the streets both the builder and Sean from AutotopiaLA can't help but make a face of pure joy. Despite the low horsepower numbers, for a modified Grand National, this car pulls hard which makes driving so much fun. This is such a cool car and we hope to see it again ripping up a race track and gapping JDM cars in the future.

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