Recently Purchased Barn Find Car Collection Explored

Jan 16, 2022 1 min read
Recently Purchased Barn Find Car Collection Explored

Classic car collection has many interesting pieces.

One of the main pillars of American car culture is the acquisition and restoration of timeless classics and relics of the first muscle car revolution. It's easy to look at the past and view the older models through a comparative lens against today's modern muscle car and wonder what all of the hype is about. However, a vehicle is about more than just what's under the hood. It's the history that these cars hold, it's the passion that they represent, it's the feeling of being a kid again behind the wheel of your dad's old muscle car asking about the different gauges and what they did. There is something beautifully tactile about these legends and the love that they bring with them.

Of course, this has led to classic car collecting becoming one of the first things on the top of your average muscle car enthusiast’s bucket list. Today’s example is no exception to that rule as what we have here is a newly discovered collection of some of the coolest muscle cars ever produced. Right off the bat, we can see a second-generation (1970-1981) Camaro, an early model Chevrolet Newport, a GTX, and a matte black first-generation Pontiac GTO.

Next up on the list is a glorious red Plymouth Max Wedge Savoy which, from the decal on the hood, appears to be sporting the legendary Mopar 426 Hemi. Coming in as sort of a wild card among these ‘60s classics is a 1934 Plymouth Business-Six Coupe which shows its age quite well through the rusty matte black exterior. Finally, we have a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner which completes the collection like a beautiful accent of frosting on top of this classic car cake.

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