Guy Tries Starting Abandoned 1981 Pontiac Trans Am

Mar 12, 2021 2 min read
Guy Tries Starting Abandoned 1981 Pontiac Trans Am

Will it drive after sitting for 18 years?

Most people would see something like this 1981 Pontiac Trans Am and just think it was a piece of junk. That’s mostly because people these days have been trained to focus on the shiny new objects instead of focusing on the value of older vehicles. And while that seems to be especially true of the youth today, we have many examples of kids proving that stereotype wrong.

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If you haven’t been following him on YouTube or elsewhere, Dylan McCool likes old American cars and trucks. He really likes rescuing ones that have been sitting in people’s yards and garages for a long time, giving the machines a new lease on life. It’s admirable since the guy isn’t lusting after the latest high-tech gadgetry, but instead has a healthy appetite for Detroit steel.

This particular 1981 Pontiac Trans Am has been sitting for 18 years. It doesn’t look all that bad for it, which is impressive, but we’re sure the guy has cleaned it up a little bit, although the cosmetics certainly need some touching up.

image credit: YouTube

Instead of focusing on making the Pontiac pretty, McCool instead is concerned with getting it running and driving. That, after all, is far more important. While the mechanicals aren’t exactly in great shape, this is a one-owner muscle car and has obviously been cared for well enough, other than the part where it sat for almost 2 decades.

This Trans Am was special ordered by the original owner and it has some nice features, including a 4-speed manual transmission, T-tops, power windows, and power locks. However, to get it running McCool and his friend have to contend with wiring that’s been chewed through by some critter as well as some other unforeseen difficulties. This is where working on cars builds character, because you learn to deal with frustrations and setbacks, pushing forward instead of giving up and whining about your problems.

Check out the video to see the process for yourself.

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