Junkyard Has More Rotting Chevys Than Jason Collier Has Valentine's Day Cards

Jan 29, 2021 2 min read
Junkyard Has More Rotting Chevys Than Jason Collier Has Valentine's Day Cards

The classic car junk yard has got some fantastic classics.

Resurrection Auto has just purchased a junkyard’s worth of classic cars. This collection is home to over 150 classic Chevy cars from 1950-1966 and trucks 1950-1988 as well as one random 1969 Corvette driver seat that sits on top of the hood of a Chevy Bel Air. The dense mass of cars is best described by the owners as “Junk, but good junk,” indeed they have found some 'good junk'.

Of the 150 total, they do not have 100-percent of the cars in their possession, and are unable to showcase anything that has not yet been transferred to their property due to the safety concerns of the original owner. However, the two state that they will be continuing to transfer the cars from the original owner's property to their own and say that we can expect new videos concerning the cars to be uploaded every few weeks.

Most of these cars are currently being sold as either full cars or being parted out. While some of the cars don't have all of their original parts they have plenty of parts cars that may serve as fine donors to make the car of your dreams a reality. It’s not news to anyone that American muscle cars are some of the coolest and most valuable cars out there, and unless you’re a Mopar kind of guy/gal.

So, it is astonishing that these guys were able to find an entire junkyard worth of them. It’s not even like they're all junkers either, with some hard looking and just a bit of love you can make yourself a true vintage classic car.

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