V10-Powered 1998 Minardi M198 Racer Let’s You Live Out Your F1 Dreams

Jan 20, 2021 1 min read
V10-Powered 1998 Minardi M198 Racer Let’s You Live Out Your F1 Dreams

Did you know you can just buy a Formula 1 car?

When you’re a little kid, owning a race car is a big shiny pipe dream - but when you grow up and realize you can actually buy one, it’s tempting to start saving. When we came across 1998 Minardi M198 with Ford V10-power, it started to make us tempted to see what it would entail to own a non-street legal race car, also, we don’t have $576,748 for an impractical company car, so owning a race car will remain a dream.

Chassis number 001 Minardi M198 is the first time this particular car is being sold for the first time to the public. It comes with everything you might expect to find on a race car, and was last tracked in 2019 at Grand Prix weekend, so it hasn’t been out of commission for very long. After its last race, the Minardi M198 was stripped down, inspected, the transmission was rebuilt, and the beastly V10 engine got a refresh.

The pit crew isn’t included, but the site selling the car offers racing support - this is a service we didn’t know existed, but definitely want to try out now. The whole idea is fun, and maybe nothing more than that, unless you want to have a cool piece to add to your private collection, but for half of a million dollars, you could definitely get something with more racing history than this particular machine.

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